Earlier this morning, the US Department of the Treasury, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Health and Human Services published their anticipated tri-agency report focused on proposed rule changes affecting short-term medical and indemnity-based supplemental products.  We applaud the efforts of these agencies in keeping our industry a vital part of the insurance landscape. We fully support their intent to ensure an environment that can provide clarity about employee benefits and to adopt effective consumer protections to those that we serve.

We are in the process of reading the 237-page report to fully understand the changes and their implications to our business. While the early consensus is that the changes to any Accident, Healthcare Indemnity, or specified disease products made available by 5Star Life Insurance Company are extremely limited, it is clear the regulators intend to continue discussions on these ‘excepted benefit plans’ which indicates other changes may be forthcoming. We are committed to and will continue to diligently work on our end to remain a valuable and active participant in our industry. As such, please be assured that 5Star Life remains committed to maintaining a suite of products that is both of value to the consumer and in compliance with regulatory changes. To this end, we began product development efforts earlier this year with a view of launching them ahead the effective dates of any changes to applicable regulatory requirements.

At 5Star Life Insurance Company, our goal remains to protect the consumer and deliver best-in-class service to our brokers, which, of course, means adhering to all pertinent rules and regulations. Working in partnership with you, we are confident in our ability to address all changes by their prescribed timelines which begin in 2025. We will keep you fully informed of the improvements we make that both respond to these regulations and, of at least equal importance, better serve you and your clients.

We will have more to share with once we have considered the implications of the regulations. In the interim, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the 5Star Life team.


Michael R. Moser

Chief Distribution and Legal Officer

Sal Campanile

Vice President, Worksite Voluntary Benefits & Group Sales