Financial peace of mind at a critical time

Through employers, unions, and associations, 5Star Life Insurance Company (5Star Life) offers Group Critical Illness Insurance which provides crucial financial protection for first-ever diagnoses of three covered condition groups – cardiovascular conditions, cancer diagnosis, and all other covered conditions. Peace of mind so you take care of your family’s financial needs while you focus on treatment and recovery.


Being sick can hurt your wallet

A critical illness can be devastating, and the associated costs can create a financial strain due to co-pays, high deductibles, exclusions for new treatments, expensive prescriptions, and lost wages.


Critical Illness triple benefit

You receive a cash payment upon the first occurrence of a covered illness. You can receive up to three (3) times the face amount of the coverage but cannot collect more than 100% of each category. The plan pays regardless of what your primary insurance covers, with no coordination of benefits.

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