My journey in the benefits industry began in 2004 as a voluntary benefits specialist for a national consulting firm.  During that time, I discovered the individuals who helped me the most were my carrier representative partners.  That experience drove me to the wholesale distribution side of our business, allowing me to help protect many more individuals and families when they need financial support the most.

The most rewarding part of what I do is being an extension of my broker partners’ team. I am able to help them provide unique benefits solutions and an amazing experience for their clients and the employees they rely on to run their business.  I’d be honored to be on your team as well!


Your success. Our approach.

Service is rooted in our history and is the foundation in which our organization was built. Our Service Success Team was created to provide the best possible outcomes for our broker partners, clients and policyholders. As a result, our self-sufficient and cross-functional team works collaboratively to deliver the highest levels of services to each constituent.

Meet the team

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Regional Marketing Director

Joe Cohran

I’m an extension of your team to help provide sales and administrative solutions that make you more successful.

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Account Manager

Ti Osentowski 

Ti manages activities such as overseeing the onboarding/ implementation of new groups, issue resolution, and assisting with oversight of the book of business.

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Case Manager

Jasmine Brill

Jasmine's focus is on the daily administration and maintenance on your clients with particular focus on billing and reconciliation of employee insurance premiums. 

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New Business Representative

Jack Fink

Jack focuses on working with brokers and outside partners to receive, process and QC new business submissions of both life and health insurance elections from receipt to ultimate entry and list billing.

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Claims Analyst

Cari Brundage

Cari supports the insured in understanding what is needed to complete a claim, supporting an employer or service provider in understanding the claims provisions of their coverage along with being the communication point person with vendors.

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Customer Service

Schuyler Williams

Schuyler is responsible for processing and responding to all insurance inquiries and completing appropriate actions to meet the needs of our policyholders. Schuyler's approach is to lead with empathy to ensure a good experience overall.

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About our products

Family Protection Plan Group Term Life to Age 121 provides an alternative to permanent life and provides valuable living benefits through the Quality-of-Life rider - protecting families financially from hardships caused by permanent disabilities and cognitive impairments.

Accident plans play an important role in minimizing out-of-pocket expenses related to deductibles & co-insurance, but more importantly help cover everyday expenses not covered by health insurance.

Healthcare Indemnity

Healthcare Indemnity plays a vital role in successful healthcare strategy by allowing employers to implement HDHPs resulting in cost containment on the health plan. Our flexible coverage options provide valuable benefits that help offset increases to an employee's out-of-pocket expenses.